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Portable tripod/heavy MGs
CZelednikovDate: Sunday, 2014-09-14, 2:57 AM | Message # 1
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This would probably cause a lot of work so I apologize for this probably inappropriate post but still:

I find (I believe I amnot alone) heavy MGs (Maxim) and tripod MGs (MG-34 on tripod) in the game too weak. Not because of their firepower or their properties in general, but because of fact that everybody who knows the map knows their position so operating these guns for more then few seconds is suicide. Take for example Spartanovka and Maxim in last building. Everbody knows it's there so nobody will be brave enough to use it... and who is generally gets shot.

That's why I believe it would improve heavy MGs role in the game to make them portable. Maybe there could be possibility for machine-gunner to pick heavy MG instead of light MG. This MG would have possibility to fire only after it's deployed (and such deployment would take a lot of time).

But as I said I have no idea if it's even possible as well as how much work it would need.

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Comrade_AAZDate: Wednesday, 2014-12-10, 11:41 PM | Message # 2
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I ve talked with shepard and we decided to make later M1919A4 coded as LMG.
It is HMG but uses light tripod and its weight less than PTRS, so its tripod will just act like a bipod.

Forum » IOM discussion. » Ideas and Suggestions » Portable tripod/heavy MGs
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