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Known Issues in 1.15 Alpha 4
TremozlDate: Sunday, 2015-07-19, 8:27 PM | Message # 1
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Known Issues in Alpha 4:
-Pressing Shift to steady your aim does not seem to work
-T34 user interface and turret rotation speed do not match up. Some tanks' Optics do not display properly.
-HHL3 will instantly detonate under a few rare circumstances.
-User interface icon when selecting to allow human players to crew your tank is too large.
-Some icons cause graphical issues in the menus. Some icons for guns' ammo types (drum or belt) do not show up properly.
-Some maps have roles which are not replaced properly (TE-Climbup / Axis MG, one of the Elite Assault on Barashka for Axis)
-PzB39 has a large number of issues associated with it.
-DT does not have reload sounds in some animations.
-MG34 attached to the halftrack does not have a reload sound. DT attached to carrier may not either.
-Some of the newer weapons do not have proper volume levels (MG42, MkB42, etc.)
-T70's cannister shot is very, very difficult to kill infantry with
-Wehrmacht Infantry with Ankle Boots do not have a gib mesh for their lower torso when they are bisected.
-The PTRS1941 that you pick up off of maps (not spawn with) does not have the same ironsight depth as the one you spawn with - in the new system. Solution unknown.
-There are a variety of issues with the Shovels' 3rd person animations.
-Gewehr 43 + Scoped are missing reload sounds, normal and specular maps, and a variety of icons.
-PPS43 textures are not final and it's missing a variety of icons.
-RGD33 Bundle is missing icons.
-Soviet Summer Default Uniforms (not improved realism) are bugged.
-Player's ranks are randomized when they spawn.
Forum » IOM discussion. » Bug report » v1,15 BETA » Known Issues in 1.15 Alpha 4
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